Thursday, 15 January 2015


Matsu is a wine producer from the Toro region of Spain that I really like and the styling of their bottles is so unique that I think they are worthy of an individual blog. Did I mention the gorgeous, silky wines? They have been a massive hit in our family, in particular with my sister-in-law Helen.

I say I like them but a higher authority than me Neal Martin, taster for Spain for Robert Parker, rates the El Viejo at 94 points on the 100 point scale. A sensational score for a wine that can be found for less than £25 a bottle. But in fact the whole range is superb.

I first came across the Matsu El Picaro when searching for wine for an early tasting event for my Glory of Wine Tasting business. The event was actually a hen party for Clare and took place at a rented cottage in Staffordshire.

Matsu El Picaro
Great for a hen party!
Matsu El Recio
Great for a party!
On seeing the bottle you may guess why I chose it for the tasting. I figured the handsome chap on the bottle would be a hit with the girls and so it proved with some of them having their photo taken with faces next to the bottle. It was also their favourites wine of the eight we tasted and I thought it pretty good too.

Clare's hen party - The handsome chap is the Matsu El Picaro -
Oh and I am there also holding the bottle!
I went away rather pleased with myself and thought no more about it until looking for wines for another event a few months later where the aforementioned Helen would be a guest at Nathalie's wine party. Knowing they both liked Rioja I was looking for an appropriate Spanish wine when I came across the El Recio. This time the wine was a massive hit with everyone loving it and I think it is without doubt currently one of my favourite wines.
Nathalie's party with Helen (in white) holding the El Recio

Matsu El Viejo
Just great!

By this stage the whole Matsu range was becoming something of a cult in our family and we completed the set with a tasting of the amazing El Viejo a few months later. The bottle labels are used in a very clever and innovative way to show you the age of the vines and the faces used are vineyard workers from the Matsu vineyards.

Roughly translated El Picaro means 'the rogue' or cheeky one (vines 90 years old), El Recio 'the tough one' (90-100 years) and El Viejo 'the old one' (vines 100+ years old) . If I was to pick a favourite it would be the El Recio which is velvety and smooth with plenty of black fruit punchiness and a long, lingering finish. Perfect with some duck, lamb or beef or even some heavier flavoured cheeses.

The fabulous Matsu range

Of course these wines aren't actually Rioja but they are made from the Rioja grape Tempranillo, known as Tinto de Toro here, which makes many great wines all over Spain not just in Rioja.

For more information about Matsu do take a look at their excellent website. Sadly, for the moment Majestic where I purchased all of the above mentioned wines are not currently stocking the Matsu range. If you would like to try some and I highly recommend them you can try Sandhams Wine. I have emailed Majestic to ask if they will be stocking it again and I will post a response on here when I get one.

EDIT - Majestic have confirmed to me today that they should be available again in all stores by the end of February.

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Until next time. Enjoy your wine.



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  2. Found these at my grocery store today (HEB) and was curious about the photos on the bottle. Thanks! Recio $28 & Viejo $57.

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